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Marketing with the help of moving image

contentlike animation and film was reserved exclusively for decadesbig brands in lavish TV commercials. Thanks to the rapidand continued development of new media and channelstoday also small and medium-sized companies from the big onesBenefit from the advantages of video in marketing.

Five good reasons

for the use of films in theCorporate communication

More statistics on video in marketing:

Nothing off the shelf

For the complex issues of our customers, we findalways the right solution, whether as an animation orReal film. We develop and produce videos forReach your target group. This form of the modernCorporate communication is not only effective butalso aesthetically pleasing and of course entertaining.We attach great importance to a comprehensive service.From advice and conception to planningand organization, through to post-processing and thePublication on the Internet and on the variousSocial media channels.Of course we take both yours into accountCorporate design as well as your other on- and offlineMarketing activities.

Video marketing

It’s one of the most powerfulTools around a big oneAudience easy, quick andtime-saving to reach.

Digital Content

Videos are widely acceptedin areas like the digitalLearning or online supportOffered.

Film production

Collect with a lot of passionwe stories show thisin our reports andDocumentation.

Video marketing

Video marketing is a special form of online marketing. SpecificFacts, marketing messages or informative content are in the form of videosmediated via online media. It’s one of the most powerful tools to make a big oneReach the audience quickly, easily and quickly. With moving image contentexplain even complex processes simply.

In short: video marketing = online marketing with moving images

Our formats in video marketing


Image film

Image films are very effective door openers in marketing. The videos can be used in a variety of ways in different channels and areas, such as online on your website or offline at a trade fair or other company event. There is no fixed length for corporate films between 1.5 min and 5 min, a lot is possible.


Product tvideo

Product videos are real power tools in marketing, they can be used in almost all channels and are incredibly effective, for example when used in your own web shop or on other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. There are no fixed lengths for this, depending on the product and with a view to the selected distribution, between 30 seconds and 5 minutes are quite common.



Commercials are the absolute classic in marketing, they make it possible to convince your audience of the advantages of your company, your product or your service in a few seconds. Everything is possible from funny to dramatic. Usually a short, pointed story conveys a positive image. Commercials are usually rather short with 30 seconds to 2 minutes, but they are usually produced with more effort.


Social Media Video

Social media videos are the absolute newcomers in marketing, the mostly short videos are used on the various social media channels, e.g. in the form of an explanatory film, interviews, short films, event reviews or as a time-lapse video. The mix of entertainment and information is always important. Social media videos are also ideal for teasing longer videos. The specialty is that, depending on the social media channel used, they are shown in a square or even portrait format. Mostly they are only 20-60 seconds long and are therefore also referred to as “snackable content”.


Video Case Studies

Video case studies are real powerhouses in B2B marketing. In customer communication, this means concrete, authentic and practical user reports or case studies (in English case study). Using a concrete case study, for example, the successful integration of a product or service for a customer is described. Often with the use of test monials and interviews. Video case studies are like a report and start at around 3 minutes, but can go up to 10 or 15 minutes.


Recruiting video

Recruiting films have become indispensable in applicant marketing. Do you want to address the right applicants with your company and stand out from the crowd? Then present your company as an attractive and modern employer in a meaningful film. A good length for this is 2 to 4 minutes. It often makes sense to plan and produce a short teaser of around 30 seconds for use in the social media channels from the outset.


Explanatory film

Explanatory videos are the multitool in video marketing. They make products, services or complex relationships understandable and interesting. Explanatory films mostly use illustration methods such as 2D or 3D animations or so-called whiteboard drawings to explain complicated things in an understandable way. Real film is not used at all or only as a supplement. Explanatory videos are usually between 3 and 5 minutes long. For more complex content, it can make sense instead of a longer video to design a series of several shorter videos for the topic.


Event film

With an event film, the documentation in video marketing, special events such as trade fairs, presentations, conferences or company celebrations can be recorded. The benefit of your events is expanded and gives you the opportunity to open an event to a large virtual audience! The length of event films is extremely different, from a short cut of your trade fair appearance with 1.5 minutes to an hour or more for a complete product presentation or conference.


Live streaming

Streaming events directly to the internet is the live show in marketing. For certain events it can make sense to enable a broad audience to participate directly and live with the help of the Internet. This can be a simple webinar or seminar, but also a lecture, lecture or an entire conference.


Video Ad

Or also referred to as ad content is nothing more than video ads, a very classic advertising format. This is a broad field and ranges from the display in the gas station to Facebook, Instagram or YouTube ads. We are happy to advise and support you in the implementation, switching and monitoring.

Showreel Video marketing

Use videos for your marketing!

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Digital Content

Videos are not only widely used and accepted in online marketing, but alsoalso in other areas such as digital learning or online support offers.We would be happy to produce your moving image content.In addition, we advise and support you with the conception upon requestand facilities for corresponding offers such asweb-based eLearning or customer service platforms.

Our formats in digital content


Product video

Product videos can be used on almost all channels and are incredibly effective, for example when used in your own web shop or in other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.


Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are currently very popular on video platforms like YouTube. They show how a product is removed from its packaging and presented. The format is suitable for supplementing classic product videos and, like this one, can be shown in your own web shop, on e-commerce platforms or via social networks.


Training videos

Training videos are mainly used for internal communication in companies. They are perfectly suited to support the training of new employees or service partners, for example


Video tutorial

This type of video does not primarily serve to support the sale of a product, but rather shows and describes in detail its function and, if necessary, the installation. A video tutorial is something like a filmed product manual. In contrast to a manual, complex processes can be represented simply. Many companies use video tutorials to effectively minimize their support effort.


Support videos

Support videos show in a simple and very understandable way how, for example, a certain product can be cleaned or cared for by the user himself. Small repairs or the replacement of wear parts can also be shown on a video basis. This can significantly reduce the effort in your own service and support department. We would be happy to support you in the design and construction of a customer service portal with video-based content.


Explanatory film

Understandably explain with moving

pictures Explanatory videos make products, services or complex relationships understandable and interesting. Explanatory films mostly use illustration methods such as 2D or 3D animations or so-called whiteboard drawings to explain complicated things in an understandable way. Real film is not used at all or only as a supplement. Explanatory films are used both in marketing and in areas such as e-learning.



A screencast usually means a video recording that shows and describes the use of a software or app. This can be both a tutorial, which the user can view online at any time, or a webinar, which is broadcast live in real time on the Internet. The technical difference between the two forms is rather small.



E-learning will not replace traditional learning, but it is a useful addition to it. Depending on the objective and concept, various digital media are used to support the teaching process. Video-based content is particularly effective for online learning. These can be 2D or 3D animations, such as those used in explanatory films. However, videos filmed in real life can also be used, such as product or support videos. Screencasts can also be a good medium for certain applications. We would be happy to support you with the creation of e-learning content as well as with the conception and construction of an e-learning portal.

Showreel Digital Content

Use videos for your eLearning or customer support!

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Film production

In addition to developing and producing video content for companies and institutions

we own projects in the non-fiction area. We travel a lot and like to travel. Off the beaten path

we meet wonderful places and interesting people. We collect with a lot of passion

Stories show this in our reports and documentaries.

In our understanding, these projects are not “just” the finished film. Connect as cross-media projects

we old and new media into a single event. Right from the start we want to work with as many as possible

Get people into conversation, both live and via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Co.

We look forward to every feedback, comment or tip for a new story!

Showreel Film production

Use videos for your business too!

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